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21 Industrial Parks of SANY Resume Production While Accelerating Transformation

Jan 01,1970 Sanypalfinger

On February 5, 2020, a short but solemn ceremony was held in SANY’s No. 18 Intelligent Workshop in Changsha to celebrate the work resumption after the Chinese New Year. As of February 21, SANY had resumed efficient and orderly operation in its 21 industrial parks, 17 of which are located in mainland China and four of which are located in Germany, USA, India and Brazil.

SANY accelerates transformation towards intelligent and digital development. In the Lighthouse Factory in SANY Changsha Concrete Machinery Industrial Park, nearly 100 intelligent robots work in the well-organized way, increasing the factory efficiency by more than 30%.
SANY keeps contracting overseas orders. During the Spring Festival, SANY contracted many orders from India, SE Asia, the Middle East, Africa and USA. SANY Concrete Machinery contracted orders from Turkmenistan worth USD 40 million, and orders from Nigeria worth RMB 100 million. 
SANY export logistics are never blocked. In February this year, SANY has delivered international orders for over 200 units. 
Year 2019 was a great year in which SANY returned to the peak.
1)In 2019, SANY market value exceeded RMB 140 billion and SANY became China’s first construction machinery manufacturer whose market value exceeds RMB 100 billion.
2)According to Nikkei, SANY of China now ranks in the world’s top 3 construction machinery manufacturers together with Caterpillar of USA and Komatsu of Japan.
3)In 2019, more than 60,000 SANY excavators were sold, ranking No. 1 in the domestic market for nine years in a row. Up to date, 250,000 SANY excavators have been sold globally, placing SANY among the top 3 excavator producers in the world.
4)In 2019, SANY made its record high in overseas sales, which exceeded RMB 10 billion for the sixth year in a row. The export volume and growth rate place SANY in the leading position in the industry. 
In Year 2019, SANY had made great progress. The rapid growth of SANY reflects China’s robust steps towards prosperity and strength. Year 2020 gives new mission to SANY. SANY will try its best to become a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing and leading enterprise along the Belt & Road, making contributions for China to move from a large manufacturer into a manufacturing power.