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SANY PALFINGER has set itself the goal of profitable growth and corporate responsibility in a sustainable fashion worldwide. The proactive implementation of and compliance with the following ecosocial points is important to us. Thus we also demand them in the scope of the Code of Conduct from all of our stakeholders, i.e., the business partners, suppliers, dealers, and employees whom we shall simply call "Partners" henceforth.


1.1 Prohibition of child labor

Child labor may not be resorted to in any phase of production. The Partners are urged to comply with the recommendation of the ILO Conventions on the minimum age for child labor or the employment of children. This minimum age should not be less than the age at which general mandatory school attendance ends, and in no case should it be less than 15 years old.

1.2 Free choice of employment

Forced or compulsory labor is unlawful. Employees must be free to end the employment relationship after giving appropriate advance notice. It may not be demanded of employees that they hand over their personal ID, passport, or their work permit as a prerequisite for employment.

1.3 Prohibition of discrimination

Any form of discrimination against workers is unlawful. This applies to discrimination on the basis of, for example, gender, race, caste, skin color, handicap, union membership, political beliefs, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

1.4 Freedom of association

Workers must be able to communicate openly with corporate management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal in any form whatsoever. They must have the right to form associations, to join a union, to seek representation, and to get elected as such.

1.5 Health and safety

The Partner shall ensure work safety and health protection in the workplace, at least within the scope of the national provisions, and shall promote continuous further development for improvement of the labor world.


2.1 Environmental responsibility

In terms of environmental problems, the Partners shall act according to the preventive principle, shall engage in initiatives to promote more environmental responsibility, and promote the development and spread of green technologies.

2.2 Green production

The Partner shall ensure appropriate environmental protection in all phases of production. This includes taking a proactive approach to prevent or minimize the consequences of accidents that can have negative impacts on the environment.

2.3 Green products

All products produced along the supply chain shall fulfill the environmental standards of their respective market segment. This includes all materials and substances used in the production process. Chemicals and other substances that pose a hazard if released into the environment have to be identified. A hazardous materials management must be set up for such substances so that suitable approaches are in place for the safe handling, transport, storage, further processing or further use and disposal thereof.


3.1 Anti-corruption measures

Utmost integrity is expected in all business activities and relationships. Any form of corruption, bribery, blackmail, and misappropriation is strictly forbidden and can be reported anonymously via the Integrity Line at www.SANY

3.2 Gifts, hospitality services, invitations

Our ways of doing business and competing are based on quality and know-how.

Employees may not allow themselves to be influenced through favors, nor may they use favors to influence others. Employees may only accept hospitality services within the normal extent and token gifts that are appropriate for the circumstances. If there are any doubts the employee shall seek the advice and/or approval of the respective management. No employee may accept the following kinds of gifts from other parties, nor may they offer them to other parties, regardless of the value of the gift:  money, loans, provisions or similar advantages in monetary form.


Partners shall communicate this Code of Conduct in an appropriate manner within their own organization as well as in their international organizations. The contents of the Code of Conduct are also on the homepage www.SANY